Campaign Types

Campaign Types

The first step in creating your campaign is choosing the type of campaign you want to create. Sender offers you several types. You can select the type of campaign that you want based on your Campaign’s purpose. This article provides you an overview of the different Campaign Types available to you.

Regular Campaign

This is the most common type of campaign used by our clients. A regular campaign is, basically, a one-time email. You would choose this type if you want to send a one-shot campaign. All campaigns that does not require any automation would be created using this Campaign Type. Usually, campaigns are created with unique messages. Thus, using this type would allow you to create your messages on the fly.

Auto Responder Campaign

An Auto-responder campaign allows you to automate your email campaigns. This campaign type uses the Subscribe Date and Time to automatically send emails. You can set up an auto-responder to automatically send on specific intervals after a contact subscribes: instantly, 1 day after, 1 week, etc. Once created, and after subscription to a list, the software will send the campaign after the specific time interval is met. For more detail on how auto-responders work, visit this page.

RSS Campaign

The RSS Campaign Type is another type that lets you automate your Campaigns. After you have set up an RSS Campaign, the software will check your feed on a regular basis based on the interval you set on the Summary & Options page (Every Half Hour, Day, Week, Etc.) . When it finds a new entry, the software will pull the RSS feeds from your RSS site and add it to your message. Then, it will send that campaign to your list. To learn more about using RSS on your campaign, read this article. (Note: the article shows another method of adding RSS to your campaign but it works the same way).

Date Based Campaign

This type works very similarly to the Auto-responder type. However, this campaign type is not based on the Subscribe Date but on a custom date field that you have created. Sender allows you to create custom fields. One field that you can create is a date field. Thus, if you created, for example, a Birthday field, you can use this field to create a Contact Date Based campaign. You can use this campaign to send birthday greetings to your contacts. If you have an Anniversary field, you can even send them Anniversary emails. This type also lets you send monthly emails. For example, if you want to send monthly billing reminders to your clients, you can use this type to do so.

Split Testing Campaign

A Split Test Campaign allows you to test the effectiveness of 2 or more campaigns. It is a great way of finding out what type of style, subject, content, etc. works best for you. With this type, you have the ability to make minor or major changes to your campaign and send each version to different sections of your list. You could use Split Testing by evenly sending to your list (50-50 if you have 2 campaigns). However, you could also use the “Determine a Winner” feature. This feature allows you to choose between Open and Click Rates to determine the winner of the Split Test Campaign. After a specified period, whatever campaign has the best open or click rate will be used to send to the rest of the list. To learn more, go to this page.

Text-Only Campaign

This Campaign type does not include an HTML version of your Campaign. It is a one-time text-only email. For most cases we suggest sending a regular campaign as that would include both HTML and text versions. (Note: If you use this type, Open Tracking would not work since Opens are tracked based on an embedded HTML image tag on your email).

NOTE: Although Recurring Campaigns is not an option that you can select during campaign creation, you can still create this type of Campaign. You can create Recurring Campaigns using the “Fetch URL at Send” method or the RSS Method. To learn more about this, read this article.

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